Marilena Immobiliare: your estate agency!

Marilena Immobiliare Reception

In 2016, Marilena Caponetti puts together all her field-experience –having over twenty years experience– and entrepreneurship to fund the Estate Agency “Marilena Immobiliare”.

We offer a wide range of services coupled with expertise and valuable knowledge to our customers. With a standard of transparency and  seriousness in providing real estate services, we have a proficient knowledge of the area in which we operate  –from the municipal and regional boundaries, managed with capillary efficiency, to the whole Italy–, thanks to a network of experienced estate agents.

Customer are welcomed by an excellent team of collaborators who will help them find the most appropriate answer to their expectations.

We believe in continuing professional training as a mean to be able to guarantee a selective choice of properties, their consistent valuation as compared to market values and impartiality in protecting the contracting parties.

Our Agency also counts on qualified professionals such as surveyors, architects, credit brokers, lawyers and notaries to provide a comprehensive range of services in every field.

Marilena Caponetti: your state agent!

She has been worked in the field since the year 2005. For her, being professional means being competent, fully reliable, and accurate. She absolutely always works with her client’s best in mind and helpfully provides all needed information, in-depth analyses, legal, technical and notarial advice, among others.

Knowing extremely well the area she works in – with past and present characteristics –, she is able to easily find properties, value them and interact with owners and landlords. She also collaborates with a network of sound professionals in other regions of the country.